Swegreen X

Innovating at the edge

Even the world's most innovative companies need to push their limits every day to be able to keep their 'innovation' on the edge, develop and transform to meet the demands of a future scenario.


We are developing a world leading ‘Innovation Lab’ and ‘R&D platform’ for development of vertical farming and controlled-environment agriculture know-how, knowledge and intelligence. Swegreen X’s focus is creating a long-term valid innovation vision with flexibility and agility in its core and to be an Intelligence Center for our company. Our Innovation Lab is a platform for testing, developing, simulating, experimenting and application of new technologies.

Our focus areas are:

  • 'Plant Sciences' - CEA intelligence, climate optimization and broadening our assortment
  • Development of our 'Growing Platforms' - Robustness, robotization and maximum automation
  • Development of our 'Cloud Platform' - Advanced analytics, Machine Learning and use of AI for maximum farm management autonomy
  • New technologies - Vision Diagnostics, Image Processing, IoT etc
  • PR - Communication towards the VF sector, scientific community and creation of mutual B2B R&D opportunities
  • Talent acquisition programs for attracting talent and competence

Swegreen X generates added value in case of 'intellectual property' and being an extra argument for investors, potential customers and talents to choose Swegreen.

For more info contact:

Sepehr Mousavi
Chief Innovation Officer